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Earth Lab-

Google Earth- Amazing

NOAA Ozone Mapping Spectrometer- Graphical representation of South Polar ozone hole changes

Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory - open ocean observations in support of long-term monitoring and prediction of the ocean environment on time scales from hours to decades

The Ozone Hole-a fairly comprehensive up to date site

Western US Climate History- 50 years of Climatological History data for the western US

USGS MAPS HOME- Homepage for USGS topograhical maps, satellite maps, aerial maps.

Sun Lab-

GOES Satellite Data- Continuously updated geomagnetic satellite data of the Earth's magnetic field

GOES Solar Imaging- Constantly updated images solar flares and coronal activity

Space Weather Now- Graphical data representing various measurements of solar activity and Earth effects

Auroral Mapping - Graphical representations of particle flux magnitude measurements in Earth's atmosphere, an indicator of potential aurora activity

- Check out this movie clip of an intense CME (coronal mass ejection). If you have a slow connection it's gonna take a long time because it's over 3MB.