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Earth-Friendly Products

Earth-friendly products are those which produce the least destruction possible to the environment. Crops which require large amounts of chemicals to produce or farming practices which require devastation of natural biomes would not be considered Earth-friendly. Alternative methods of farming, although producing slightly lower yields, give a much greater long term return by retaining soil quality and reducing impact upon surrounding ecosystems. More and more products are entering the marketplace which are made from materials derived from the Earth by "friendly" practices. There are also new alternatives to many of the destructive household chemicals which eventually find their way into local aquatic systems.

Organic coffee - is a great example of an Earth-friendly crop, click this link to read more

Products made from hemp - a resource lost to Americans for almost a century, are finally returning to the marketplace, learn more about hemp...

Seventh Generation - one of the largest manufacturers of Earth friendly products ranging from household cleaners and detergents to baby diapers

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